Digitize your soul...

Initially an after-hours collaboration between Australian songwriter Jade Goodge and American producer Carter Carlton, the pair never anticipated how far their project would take them.

Their first collaboration was for Carter’s solo project. The single reached over a million streams within the first few months of release in America and Europe, and was quickly picked up by German electronic label TDG.

They never expected to meet in person, but after six months of working via video-chats on projects for other artists, Carter & Jade had written heaps of material on the side for fun, and Echo City was born. They first met when Jade flew to LA to record their vocals. With a mutual love of terrible puns, escape rooms, and sci-fi, Jade and Carter instantly became best friends, scrapped their EP, and wrote a new one in three days.

They currently live in a mix of Melbourne, Los Angeles and cyberspace, working on completing their first album together.